Kerberos & Partners

Our Mission

We are not here to change the world. We are here to revolutionize how businesses interact with it. We are here to cultivate confidence and security in our customers that they have the tools and know-how to meet the future head on. And more than anything else, we are here to create value and make a meaningful difference in our customers’ lives.

Our Vision

Our vision is the "how" of our mission. It serves as the framework for our 2020 Journey and guides every aspect of our business and consists of four pillars: people, portfolio, partners, and profit.


Kerberos Consulting needs to be a workplace that not only attracts top talent, but also cultivates and inspires success from those inside and around the company.


The world doesn't need another second rate portfolio. Kerberos Consulting must give the world a portfolio of quality of solutions that both anticipates and satisfies customers' demands and needs.


IT is a network of customers and suppliers. By crafting strong partnerships with the best componies in the world we can create mutual, enduring value.

Long Term Profit

We aren't looking toward next quarter, or even next year. At Kerberos Consulting we strive to maximise our customers' long-term return on investment.